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  Flow chart of the Method of Choosing Materials for Custom Made Insoles
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Casts, temporary simple insoles and padding materials
There materials are ideal for quick effective chair sife use when making temporary insoles. BP Orthotics use padding materials
that are C.E approved and manufactured using only medical grade adhesives.

Semi-compressed mixed felt

A mixture of 70% and 30% viscose. Cheap alternative to 100% wool
Sheet size: 22.5cm x 45cm, in bags of 4 sheets. 7mm,5mm

Semi-compressed felt
Pure 100% wool felt used as a highly versatile padding, which can be easily cut and shaped providing excellent pressure
redistribution of rearfoot control.
Sheet size: 22.5cm x 45cm, in bags of 4 sheets. 7mm,5mm

Leather Board

Hard wearing base material used for temporary/permanent simple insoles. 1mm, 1.5mm

Foam impression box

Quick, clean and easy to use. “Saves time”. 5.5cm deep

Creator protactor

an ideal measuring device for clinicians to assess angles whilst examining the lower limb.
- 6’ model made from tough nylon
- 20” model made from aluminum

Wedge strips

Available in 3”, 4” and 5” with adhesive backing. Ideal for adding wedging to patients insoles.

Plaster of Paris bandages


Cost effective Ava moulded insole when used in conjunction with wedge strips